We at Web Designing house welcomes you here and you will know about our company’s privacy & policy. We believe in transparency so below are our privacy & policy.

Refund a payment:- All payments will be accepted in the standard mode which is set by Web Designing house. We are always in contact with our customers throughout the project, we take approval from our client, there is no provision for any kind of full or partial refund. So here we clearly mention that the amount will not be refunded in any circumstances. Once ordered is placed so it cannot be canceled because it is immediately sent for the processing. Over the course of time your personal preferences have changed, there can be no reason for a refund or chargeback. To avoid unwanted complications and technical issues, we will not provide content through any other media such as CDs, pen drives, movable drives etc. Upon the provision of this information, you will be solely responsible for the login information as well as the content of the sites provided. All payments for services are made to Web Designing house company’s favor. We have not gave authortise to any person or organization to make payments in any other name. You are informed that under any circumstances Web Designing house will be liable for any damage caused to your fraudulent individuals or organizations in your business transactions.

Non-Payment & Late Fee Payment :-

  • Rs. 5000 will be charged as administrative fee, In cases of reactivation of canceled accounts.
  • All technical support will be canceled, If your account becomes overdue for 7 days.
  • Your site and other services will be suspended, If your account gets overdue by 14 days.
  • Your sites and data would be deleted from company systems, If your account gets overdue by 30 days.
  • In case of credit card charge and reverse of the transaction, your account will be terminated and all your website, data, website, email, details will be deleted immediately.

We will do our best to contact you through all possible means, but it is client's responsibility to keep accurate and updated details, like address, contact and billing information, etc.