If anyone is looking to construct a website you've likely heard the term ‘Web Development & Designing Company’. Since the commercialization of Internet, web development. It has been a growing industry. Development of business through the web is the newest fashions these days. The reason behind its popularity is time-saving, better customer relationship, and of course flexibility. Unlike web design, which provides beautiful as well as professional look for your website, Website Ecommerce Web Designing Company in India is regarded as the back-end of the website. Web development is contemplated with developing websites for hosting the internet. To build any website; whether it’s an e-commerce store, social network, media productions, printing projects, online video streaming service, any blog, or any other application, all had to build by a web developer. These services have become a very significant part of web development and thus play a vital role. Web development concentrates on how the website works and how clients are able to navigate through it and make purchases. Web development is programming that empowers website functionality as per the owner’s requirements. Web development confines from simply creating plain text pages to compel web-based applications and electronic business applications. It includes coding and writing markup.
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We can divide the web development process into three main components: server-side coding, client-side coding, and database technology.

  1. SERVER –SIDE CODING: Server-side scripts are implemented on the web server whenever a user requests a document or service. The document is usually in the form of HTML, which can be read by the client browser. The document sends to the browser usually contain client-side scripts. ASP, Java, NET, Ruby, ColdFusion, Perl, and Python are examples of languages used for a server-side script.
  2. CLIENT-SIDE CODING: Web applications of computer programs implemented by a user’s web browser are termed to as client-side scripts. The program requests any files it needs to run from the web server and then runs within the client’s web browser. This coding allows a web page to have a unique content depending on a user’s input. JavaScript, HTML 5, Ajax, Flash, Microsoft Silver light, are some examples of popular languages, used for client-side coding.
  3. DATABASE TECHNOLOGY: To function on the internet any website must be hosted within a database on a web server. It contains all the files needed for a website and its applications to function.

    Web development is a practice of enunciating online prestige of a company, which provides a link between a company and its intended audience. It unveils supremacy that lies behind the company serving modules.

Procedure of Successful Web Development

  • DEFINE: First step is to define the unique requirements of the business, usability challenges which need to be approached and understanding the technical part.
  • DEVELOP: It includes the database design, feature definitions, scheduling of project workflow and testing, that ultimately results in a feature-rich web application.
  • DELIVER: At this last stage website is ready to launch. It’s on-time, within- budget and scope. The final output is delivered as per the expectations.
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